Pre-Delivery Inspection

DSC00111Buying a brand new home is a major event in your life. Over the last few months, you have worked with your builder on creating the home of your dreams and it has literally taken shape before your eyes. Now it’s only a few days before you can finally take possession. But first, there is an important step you have to take: the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI).

The Pre-Delivery Inspection is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with your new home. The builder, or his representative, will explain all the features of the house, including how to operate and maintain the various systems until the after-sales service kicks in. The builder will explain the various warranties to you as well. Items such as the roof and furnace will have limited warranties, for example.

It is important to conduct this PDI with the builder because it gives you an opportunity to confirm that all the work has been done to your satisfaction. Special care is needed during the inspection to detect possible problems, so that you can immediately bring them to the attention of your builder to ensure they are documented properly and that the property is delivered as advertised.

This inspection needs to be done before you actually move into the home, otherwise, the builder may dismiss certain claims by arguing the damage was done during the move-in process.

Bair Inspections can accompany and guide you during the Pre-Delivery Inspection, or if the builder allows, inspect the property with you before you do the PDI with the builder.